Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

The pancreatic cancer treatment is very important since it is a deadly
disease. The primary treatments for the patients with exocrine pancreatic cancer can be grouped into three types:

1. Surgery

2. Radiation Therapy

3. Chemotherapy

Also biological therapy is being studied for the treatment of cancer.


The surgery is one of the best pancreatic cancer treatments. This can be
referred as one of the most common procedure used to remove the cancer of the endocrine system.

For the purpose of taking out the tumor a doctor may use one of the following methods to take out the cancer.

Whipple procedure (pancreatic duodenectomy)

This procedure is being used by the surgeon in order to remove the pancreas head, i.e. a part of small intestine also some of the nearby tissue.

The Surgeon will leave enough of pancreas to make the pancreas continue secretingdigestive juices and insulin.


In this surgery the surgeon removes the whole pancreas, part of the stomach, part of small intestine, the gall bladder, the spleen and finally most of the lymph nodes in the area.

Distal pancreatectomy

This procedure is most commonly practiced for islet cell (endocrine) cancer of the pancreas. This is rarely used for exocrine pancreas cancer. Here the body and tail of the pancreas are completely removed.

In case the cancer has spread to a wide part and it cannot be removed, the  doctor will recommend the patient to have a surgery in order to relieve symptoms. If in case the cancer tends to block the small intestine and if the
bile builds up in the gall bladder, the doctor will strongly recommend to have a surgery which will make ago-around (ie bypass) all or part of small intestine.
During this surgery doctor will cut the gall bladder or bile duct and they will
sew it to the small intestine. This is also called as biliary bypass.

Radiation therapy

In this procedure x-rays with high energy is being used In order to kill
cancer cells and to shrink tumors. In this procedure the radiation will come
from outside the body through a machine (external radiation therapy) or from putting materials that tend to produce radiation from thin plastic tubes in theplace where cancer cells are found. This is one of the best pancreatic cancer treatment methods.


In this procedure drugs are being used in order to kill the cancer cells.
Mostly the drugs are being injected into vein or muscle. Some are being given orally. This is one of the systematic treatments in which the drug tends to flow through the blood stream to nearly every part of the body – which kills the affected cells. This is generally given in cycles.