Pancreatic Cancer Life Expectancy

There is misconception in the life expectancy and survival rate of pancreatic cancer patients . In the earlier days of Pancreatic cancer it was
thought that these types of cancers cannot be cured and death is imminent. The truth is that majority of the patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer can be helped with improving the quality of the life – and also in length. Pancreatic cancer is not easily detected in its early stage and because of this has been called the “silent disease”. By the time it is detected in most people, it is too late and death will be the can be expected in 6-12 months. Thus the  life expectancy is of immediate concern to anyone who may be afflicted with this cancer.


Statistics on Survival Rate of pancreatic cancer

The following is the various statistics on pancreatic cancer life expectancy or  the survival rate around the world.

• In 1992-99, only 4% of the white people in the United States survived (Cancer
Facts and Figures, American Cancer Society, 2004)

• In 1999, the death toll in United States is reported as 29,082 (NVSR Sep 2001)

• In 1992-99, only 4% of the African American people in the United States
survived (Cancer Facts and Figures, American Cancer Society, 2004)

• The average life expectancy after diagnosis is 3 to 6 months (Media
Conference, Arizona Cancer Center and University Medical Center)

Pancreatic function tests

The most important factor which helps in improving the length of life
expectancy of the people suffering with this disease is that how early this
disease is diagnosed. The study which deals with tumors is oncology. Oncologists use several methods to diagnose this disease. These tests are called pancreatic function tests.


An enzyme linked immunosorbent assay is use to conduct the test which helps to check the exocrine status in the pancreas. Fecal elastase is compared with that of the pancreatic alastase. If the fecal elastase is lower then two hundred, then it indicates the insufficiency of pancreatic exocrine.

Blood tests should be conducted to test how well the liver, pancreas and gall bladder functions. The pancreatic enzymes, amylase and lipase will be measured while conducting this test. Dehydration and anemia effects are also tested simultaneously. There are many other tests that can help in early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. These tests help in improving the pancreatic cancer life expectancy and the survival rate.